Same-Day Facials Near McLean

Same-Day Facials Near McLean

Same-Day Facials Near McLean

No matter your skin concerns, you can be sure there are same-day facials near McLean that can address them.


However, before you jump in, you need to book a consultation, and this is why that step is so important!


Why Is a Consultation so Important?

The purpose of a skin care consultation for same-day facials near McLean is for both you and your provider to exchange information and ask questions.


Without a proper evaluation, they are not able to make best recommendations for your needs and aesthetic goals. Clear communication is a responsibility you share with the provider, and it is the key to a successful partnership!


What Happens During a Consultation for Same-Day Facials Near McLean?

Each medical spa has their own protocol. However, there are basic steps to a consultation that all of them should follow:


  • A discussion about your medical history: There are some procedures such as chemical peels and microneedling that may require you to share your health conditions, current medications you’re taking, and any allergies you may have to ensure your safety.
  • Identification of your skin type and concerns: In order for your provider to design an effective treatment plan, they must first evaluate your skin type and understand your concerns. 
  • Your options reviewed: After a thorough assessment, you can expect to receive details regarding treatments that can address your issues, pre- and post-facial guidelines, potential side effects/risks, and pricing. You might also be given information about skincare products that are best for your skin.
  • A time for questions: A reputable provider should allow you time to ask questions and offer clear and concise answers. PRO TIP: Write down any questions you can think of beforehand so you don’t forget!
  • Signing a consent form: You may be asked to sign a consent form stating you understand all the information you have been given.


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