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Non-surgical body sculpting is an increasingly popular way to achieve the physique you want and boost your confidence!

There are just so many options to choose from though, so how do you make a decision? Here’s why you should opt for Physiq, plus how to find the best body contouring clinic in Tysons Corner, VA to get it!

What Is Physiq, and How Does It Work to Sculpt the Body?

Physiq is a non-invasive device that uses a super luminescent diode matrix (SDM) and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to eliminate fat and build muscles.

During a Physiq session, the SDM heats up tissues to burn fat cells and tighten skin, while EMS stimulates muscle contractions to strengthen and tone your muscles. It is a pain-free combination treatment that people seeking non-surgical body contouring love!

What Are Some Tips for Finding a Reputable Body Contouring Clinic?

Finding the best body contouring clinic in Tysons Corner, VA is the key to getting the best results with innovative procedures like Physiq. Follow these tips to find one:

  • Research credentials. Ensure the medical spa is staffed by licensed and experienced practitioners. Look for certifications and qualifications that indicate their expertise in body sculpting.
  • Read reviews. Check online reviews and before / after images to gain insight into other individuals’ experiences. Positive feedback from previous patients is a good indicator.
  • Look at technology and equipment. Inquire about the technology used for these procedures. Ensure that they use state-of-the-art, FDA-approved devices like Physiq and understand how it works.
  • Ask about safety and hygiene. Visit to assess cleanliness, safety protocols, and adherence to hygiene standards. They should prioritize patient safety and comfort.

It’s Time to Visit Pure Med Spa, the Best Body Contouring Clinic in Tysons Corner, VA, for Physiq!

Take your physique to the next level with Physiq at Pure Med Spa, conveniently located in McLean and specializing in comprehensive non-surgical solutions!

Call us at 571-260-6837 to book a consultation, and don’t forget to ask about our exclusive specials!

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