Facials and Peels in McLean, VA

Facials and Peels in McLean

Facials and Peels in McLean, VA

You have skin concerns, and your regular routine is simply not enough to get the results you want. So, what is the solution?


It may just be facials and peels in McLean, VA! Here is why. 


Is There Really a Difference?

Facials and peels in McLean, VA both work wonders for your skin, but they do have basic differences.


Facials involve cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. They are typically tailored to individual skin needs. Chemical peels, however, use chemical solutions to remove damaged outer layers of skin to address specific concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation, or wrinkles, resulting in more intense exfoliation and rejuvenation.


How Does My Provider Choose Between Facials and Peels in McLean, VA?

This is done during a consultation. Initially, you will be asked to share your skin concerns. Remember, open and honest communication is the key to success!


You might also be asked about the skincare products you use. Your provider may want to know the brand, how often you use them, and for how long. 


A skin analysis is done that includes identifying the type of skin you have – combination, dry, or oily. Then, the texture of your skin is examined to look for rough patches and unevenness. Next, the moisture level is determined to help your provider decide which moisturizer and products you need. 


After all of this data has been gathered, a personalized treatment plan is created. You should also be provided with information regarding how often you should schedule a facial or peel and tips for ongoing care. 


Don’t Hesitate to Radiate – Get Your Healthy Skin Glow at Pure Med Spa!

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